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How do you handle a dimly lit event?
Our DSLR cameras and lenses are capable handling issues of very low light, and offer the capabilities of using faster lenses that allow more light to reach the sensor. Most of the time, we don’t even need additional lighting, but in the event that we do, we use on camera lighting, as well as some additional room lighting if necessary.
What kind of equipment do you use for events?
We use Canon DSLRs (7D’s, 5D’s ‘mark II & III’), an abundance of Canon L-Series fast lenses to fit your event needs, tripods, monopods, jib crane, pocket dolly, glidecam with vest, Arri Fresnels, on camera LED lighting, on camera audio, wireless audio and a digital recorder. We bring a lot of stuff. Since we bring so much stuff, it takes us a little bit longer to move between locations. Just keep that in mind :)
What's the difference between Storytelling and Documentary formats?
Storytelling takes aspects from both visual and audible parts of your day and combines them together to tell your story. This type of edit uses different parts of your day all cinematically combined into one 15-20 minute film, but not necessarily chronologically. It’s shorter than a documentary edit, but still includes most everything from your wedding. We prefer to tell your wedding story, and while our edits are not thirty minutes long, they still contain everything that made your day special, and its more fun to watch. We like to refer to it as quality over quantity. Its not about how long the film is, its about re-telling the most important day of your life.
How am I involved in the editing process, and how long does it take?
You have total control of the content that goes into your film. After all, it is your film, and it should be something that you enjoy watching. We will post a cut on your viewing page, that way you can approve or deny any content, and we can add or change parts to suit your wishes. The editing process can take as much as 16 weeks, or as little as 6 weeks, it all depends on the time of the year, and what type of edit we are creating. Once approved, any DVD’s take an extra week to order and an additional week for us to author and ship them out.
Do you charge for travel to the event location(s)?
Transporting equipment to and from your location(s) can be strenuous! We charge a flat service and travel fee of $65 to each event or per day to recover the costs of fuel and travel. All weddings include unlimited locations. These fees apply to locations within the 9 counties that surround the bay area. Counties include: Napa, Sonoma, Solano, Contra Costa, Alameda, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Mateo and Marin. Any locations that exceed these 9 counties are subject to a fee of $1.00 per mile, based on a one-way distance.
What's the difference between the three different edit options?
The SNEAK PEAK EDIT is intended to be a short, quick, high energy edit that is available within three days of the wedding. It basically will show what is to come, and to give your friends and family a little glimpse into what they can expect. The HIGHLIGHT EDIT is a slightly longer recap of your day, set to music, and incorporating different aspects of storytelling. These edits typically run anywhere from 4 minutes up to 6 minutes. The WEDDING FILM EDIT is storytelling edit which includes everything from your day in a full version, and is intended to be fun to watch. These edits are included with every wedding cinema package and run anywhere from 15-20 minutes, or slightly longer if you have a lot happening during your wedding. It will include aspects of the ceremony, but not usually the entire thing, as well as complete coverage from the entire day, but not necessarily in chronological order. We use various elements of your day to create this edit, and try use visuals on top of audio to add as much emotion to the film as possible.