Ways to Decorate Your Wedding Venue Within Your Budget

Wedding venue decorations are very important for building the right ambience and environment for your celebrations. It will help in making your weddings a memorable event, which you will cherish for a long time.

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Themed weddings are becoming popular in London these days. If you 16have booked a wedding venue in North London, it is equally important for you to get the decoration right. Ideally the decorations should go well with the overall wedding theme, including the styles and designs of cakes and flowers.

If you do not have any knowledge or experience with wedding declarations, then you can hire the services of professional wedding planners. In this post, we shall look at some of the best ways to decorate your wedding venue in North London without having to spend too much. Tips by Regency Banqueting Suite:

Decorating tips for your wedding venue

The most effective way to bring about grandeur and glamour to the place is by using the chair covers. You can experiment with the bright colours, and you can showcase the colour theme better by choosing the matching table linen.

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If you have the creativity, then you can also mix and match the colours to create an amazing kaleidoscope effect. You can choose bold colours like custard cream, mint, and bubblegum colours.

Alternatively, you can choose royal colours to bring about the classy look to the venue. You can even think about recreating the Gatsby feel, with glamorous white and black colours.

How to work within your budget?

Filling your wedding venue with flowers can be expensive. However, there are some ways to reduce the cost. You can go for simple and large floral designs only on key spots of the venue, rather than using small and fussy arrangements in many areas.

Also check if the wedding ceremony flowers can be used in your reception. If the wedding celebration continues until night, then you will need proper lightning arrangements.

Tea lights and simple lanterns can create magical effect in small budgets. You can use paper lanterns to add more colours to your wedding venue. You can hang them from trees or ceilings to create a lovely evening mood.

Making Your Wedding Memorable With Luxury Wedding Planners

London is the home to many types of traditions and cultures. This city offers a luxury lifestyle to all the people. Same is the case with the wedding. Most of the people in London want to make their wedding a grand event so that it can be remembered for a very long time. Hiring a luxury wedding planner in London can do it in style for you. These luxury wedding planners can provide you with numerous services. Some of the services provided by them are listed below.

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Venue: Venue plays a vital role in wedding as it is the place where your guests will arrive and the ceremony will be conducted. Most of the people get confused when they are provided with multiple options of venue. So, in such case a wedding planner can help you to decide the venue for your wedding. It can be an outdoor location as well as indoor location.

Décor and design: Decoration and design of the wedding is also another important factor that you need to consider. These planners will take the responsibilities off from your shoulder and will do the decoration of the entire location so that it may look good and attractive. If you are having a theme wedding, they will do the decorations accordingly.

Music and entertainment: A wedding must have lots of music and entertainment so that the couple as well as guests enjoy a lot in the wedding. These planners can provide you with DJ which makes the wedding musical as well as entertaining.

Guest post by EBP Wedding Consultants 

Different Styles In Which Photographer Can Snap

In Nottingham, when it comes to wedding people take care of a lot of things and they always try to choose the best possible thing for their wedding. But it is often seen that people overlook the importance of wedding videography in Nottingham over the other wedding needs. That is why it is highly advised that when your wedding comes you should choose the best photographer who can also provide you videography services. After all photographs and video will be the only memory that you have of your wedding and in order to capture every beautiful moment, it is best if you choose the best service provider.

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Why you need the best photographer? Tips by Dan Lambourne Photography

  • Lifestyle – it is termed as a candid type of videography but it is slightly different from it. This is because in this style videographer shoots the video with some style and direction. But videographer still looks for the moments to capture as in candid but can also set the scene to get a perfect shot.
  • Dramatic – in this videography style, lighting is considered as a vital factor. In order to get this style of videography, videographer should be master in off camera flash videography. In simple terms, videographer needs to create the extra lighting by using various camera tools. This style looks very attractive and cool and if you want to get different photos then, this style is the best.
  • Documentary – rather than posing or styling, spontaneous picture or motion images are captured by the videographer. In this videography, photographers snap the photo such as when couples see each other for the first time in wedding dress, dancing for first time and more.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Song and Music

You would want the song for your first dance to be a choice that encompass of all your feelings from the moment you first met, when you went on your knees, your first kiss and your theme. It all seems easy but once you go through the zillion options that the music world has to offer, it could be daunting task. We will help provide you with a detailed and organized playlist which will make it easy for you to make a choice. You could also get a live band or a DJ to play at your wedding, picking from our ready list of bands and DJs.

Your Dream Dress Come True

Deciding on a wedding dress can be one of the most taxing and crucial task a bride has to take while planning her wedding. A dress she might have been dreaming of growing up. The theme and colours for the bridesmaids and flower girls’ dresses have to be carefully picked too. We understand it can be a tedious and stressful job.

We will help you pick up your wedding dress with our team of experienced designers. They will weave a dress for you by understanding your theme, body structure, skin, personality and taste. Passionately and patiently they will work with you right from the planning to the execution of getting that dream wedding dress. You do not need to step out of your home for all this as we will bring it to the comforts of your home at your convenience.